Air Balancing Services 
Creating an Even, Comfortable Climate Inside Your Residential Home

One of the most common issues that our
HVAC technicians are called in to fix is uneven air temperatures. Some homes have rooms that HVAC systems air doesn’t properly reach. While these issues can be caused by malfunctioning equipment, there is an easier, more efficient, and more affordable solution – air balancing. Our air balancing services can ensure that the circulation of air through your home is even, consistent, and maximizes your comfort.

What Is Air Balancing?

Professional air balancing services from Celsius
A/C & Heating involve measuring the airflow throughout your home and adjusting vents and equipment to promote optimal air circulation. This will allow the heated and cooled air from your HVAC system to reach every corner of your house and will also allow all of your home’s air to be treated by any filters, sanitizers, or other indoor air qualityproducts you may have installed. The end goal is to bring “balance” to the air in your home and ensure that no hot or cold spots develop, keeping temperatures even throughout your home.

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What Does Improper Air Balancing Look Like?

When your home’s air supply is unbalanced, the equipment that you rely on to keep you comfortable will work better in some places than others. You may also find that dust and dirt are collecting in certain places within your home, as the air circulation pushes everything to one area. Certain rooms may also smell musty and stale, as the airflow in them is poorer than it is in other rooms.

Unbalanced Air can Lead To:

indoor air quality
heating and cooling
Higher utility costs
Shortened lifespans for your
HVAC equipment

Trust Celsius
A/C & Heating to Balance Your Air

While there are DIY air balancing tricks that you could use, professional air balancing from Celsius
A/C & Heating is both faster and more effective. Our professionals are fully trained, licensed, and insured heating and cooling technicians, and they know exactly what it takes to bring the indoor environment of your single-family, multi-family, or property-managed home into balance. We use professional tools and equipment that aren’t available in stores to bring you the best possible results, and Celsius A/C & Heating makes it easy and affordable to start improving your comfort whenever you’re ready.

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