Annual HVAC Maintenance

The air that runs through your ducts comes from air drawn from the outside. Your unit converts the air

to a comfortable temperature that you set on your thermostat. However, it’s ultimately your heating

and cooling system that is responsible for keeping your home comfortable during any weather.

Though the process sounds simple, it’s actually not. Your HVAC unit is a complex machine that functions

because of many moving parts. Most importantly, these parts are pieced together just right to respond

to adjustments from the thermostat. If something disrupts the way the pieces are coming together,

you may experience issues with your unit.

​At Celsius A/C & Heating, we know that regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system is
the best way to prevent inconvenient and costly repairs down the road. In addition to keeping

the warranty on your equipment valid, regular maintenance from Celsius A/C & Heating

extends the life of the equipment and helps our customers save money on utility bills.

Trust Celsius A/C & Heating With Your AC Services

Because there is no company more qualified than Celsius A/C & Heating, 
we have

over 33 years of experience servicing the needs of customers in the community.

If you have a problem with your unit, don’t panic. Our
certified technicians are available

24/7 and have experience in tackling your needs. We’ve seen units stop working on

the hottest day of the year, as well as furnaces malfunctioning during winter

storms. Most importantly, our team knows how to tackle each and every

situation thrown our way, both quickly, efficiently and at a fair price.

Contact us online or by phone at 281-459-9500 to request an appointment with us today!

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Kingwood, Porter, Humble, Atascocita, Eagle Springs, Summerwood, Fall Creek,
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